The Graham Family

Founded by Margaret & Steve Graham, Boat O’ Craigo is a tight-knit family business. Spanning two generations of the Graham family, it is their labour of love that keeps the wine flowing.

The Winemakers

We work closely with our winemakers to ensure the style of each wine reflects not only the natural characteristics of our vineyards, but also our brand.

Rob Hall

Growing up in Healesville, Rob started his winemaking career at Yarra Ridge and Punt Road before landing the role of Winemaker at Mount Mary where he polished his skills and achieved great things. After 10 years at Mount Mary, Rob then moved across to Kellybrook which also enabled him to start up his own label, Rob Hall Wines.

Andrew Mills
Vineyard Manager

A move to Healesville in 1990 saw Andrew progress into the wine industry through study, vineyard development, management and then into contracting, working with many iconic Yarra Valley vineyards (including Boat O’Craigo). A fill in role to manage harvest 2013 at Boat O’Craigo has kept him here since.

Peter Payten 

Peter is the consulting Viticulturist for Boat O’Craigo. Peter has been involved in the industry since 1980; and in the Yarra Valley from 1988. He spent 12 years managing Long Gully Estate, whilst consulting to other vineyards and is now in partnership with his son in Payten & Jones Wines.

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