The Graham Family

Founded by Margaret & Steve Graham, Boat O’ Craigo is a tight-knit family business. Spanning two generations of the Graham family, it is their labour of love that keeps the wine flowing.

Margaret & Steve Graham

Margaret & Steve Graham

Boat O’Craigo was born when Steve and Margaret purchased an idyllic property in Kangaroo Ground on which they planted their first vines in the late 90’s with our maiden vintage in 2003. Some years later, a second established vineyard was purchased in Healesville followed by a significant winery in Warranwood. Their children, who have been brought up in the family business, have now stepped forward to continue the journey and write a new future for Boat O’Craigo.

National Sales Manager, Travers

Travers Graham
National Sales Manager

Travers has been a successful entrepreneur, establishing and running his own consulting business for many years. Over this time, Travers has witnessed the growth and development Boat O’Craigo. Travers offers a new set of ideas, skills and experienced to lead the business into the next phase. With the determination to remain true to our founding principles, Travers writes a new chapter which will see the business grow further and create a future for many generations to come.

Brand Manager, Courtenay

Courtenay Graham
Brand Manager

The innovative design of the label, packaging and corporate image of Boat O’Craigo was established by family member Courtenay Graham. After completing a Graphic Design degree at RMIT, Courtenay joined forces with her father to create the unique image for their brand. Mother of two and founder of Frida Plumm boutique homewares, Courtenay continues to work with Boat O’Craigo on all aspects of design.

The Winemakers

We work closely with our winemakers to ensure the style of each wine reflects not only the natural characteristics of our vineyards, but also our brand.

Peter Payten 

Peter is the consulting Viticulturist for Boat O’Craigo. Peter has been involved in the industry for 28 years now; with 20 of those years in the Yarra Valley. He spent 12 years managing Long Gully Estate, whilst consulting to other vineyards.

Rob Dolan
Senior Winemaker

Our senior contract winemaker Rob Dolan has been a Yarra Valley winemaker for over 20 years and is recognised as one of the great characters of the wine industry. Rob has an outstanding winemaking record and has played a pivotal role in the evolution of the Yarra Valley.

Mark Nikolich

Since completing his winemaking qualifications, Mark has 15 years winemaking experience in roles throughout the Yarra Valley, Bendigo and in France.

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