Cellar Door Update

13 August 2020

Although stage 4 has our Cellar Door closed at present, there’s are many exciting things happening in the background.

Cellar door closed for now …

Unfortunately, our Cellar Door will be closed for the duration of the Stage 4 Lockdown. It is frustrating and sad not to see all your smiling and happy faces but, if we all knuckle down and do this thing right, then life will hopefully return to some sort of normal at the end.  Like everyone else, we are unsure as to exactly when we will be reopening but rest assured that when we do, we will be ready to welcome you with open arms and keep you safe with all necessary Covid protocols in place. It may take a little longer to re-open our kitchen but hopefully not too long.

Local beer, cider and spirits to be on the menu …

While we are and will always be a cellar door and winery first and foremost, there are times when a refreshing beer or cider enjoyed with lunch on our open sunny decks might just hit the spot. We have recently been successful in upgrading our liquor license to a Producers License. What this means is that we will now be able to offer a selected range of beer, cider and spirits when we re-open our cellar door. These other beers, ciders and spirits will all have a distinctly local theme in support of our community.

Building works under way …

Some months ago now, we received our Council approval and planning permit for a major overhaul of our cellar door at Healesville. Well, we are well down the design path now and the new cellar door is really taking shape – at least on paper anyway ! We can’t commence building at this time due to Covid considerations however we have begun redeveloping our car parks while the cellar door is closed and all the mud and mess won’t spoil your floor mats. We can’t wait to see this thing get off the ground !

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