Introducing our new winemaker – Rob Hall !

19 August 2020

We are very excited to announce that there is a new face at Boat O’Craigo. Rob Hall has now commenced making many of our smaller batch wines from vintage 2020.

Growing up in Healesville, Rob started his winemaking career at Yarra Ridge and Punt Road before landing the role of Winemaker at Mount Mary where he polished his skills and achieved great things. After 10 years at Mount Mary, Rob then moved across to Kellybrook which also enabled him to start up his own label, Rob Hall Wines.

Rob is a very clever and passionate winemaker who has really made a name for himself in the Yarra Valley. Rob is a true wine craftsman. His hands-on approach, meticulous attention to detail and focus on small batch wines make him the perfect fit for Boat O’Craigo as we continue our never-ending quest to consistently make premium craft wines which highlight the quality of our estate-grown fruit and are a true representation of our region. All that aside, Rob is a true gentleman and one heck of a nice bloke too.

The first Boat O’Craigo wines made by Rob will be released later this year including our 2020 Pinot Grigio and the very first vintage of our 2020 Gruner Veltliner. You’ll all have to wait until early or mid 2021 before you can get your hands on our 2020 Pinot Noir and Chardonnay made by Rob but the wait will be worthwhile we can assure you.

It’s great to have Rob on board and the future is very exciting. We look forward to sharing these amazing wines with you all so watch this space!

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